How to Start your Own Van Insurance Business

Starting up your own van insurance business takes a lot of effort and time, making it easy to get distracted and forget some of the important things. There is a lot of work and planning ahead of you. Van insurance is a legal requirement in Ireland. This means van insurance is in constant demand for insurance company services. If you are thinking of starting up a van insurance company you can rest assured that there is a market available for your company. In this article, are some helpful tips for starting up your own van insurance business.

  • Get a License for your business 

You must obtain a license to legally sell van insurance in your country. You must attend a pre-license course and take a state-administered examination.

  •  Write up a Business Plan

Writing up a business plan will get your new career on the right track and where you need to start. Your plan should include how much money you will need to start up, the competitive landscape, how will you get customers, what insurers will you be working with, and how much will you intend to make.

  • Register and name your business 

You must register the company within the country you live in and will operate in. This entails the type of business you are, registering the name of the company, and applying for a tax number. When choosing the type of business structure that you want, some of these include:

  • Public limited company
  • Sole trader
  • Private company limited to shares

Each of these structures has its own benefits and risks. When choosing to name your van insurance business, pick a name that stands out. Choose a name that is easy to search for on the internet and it should convey your benefits. It is also advised to purchase a domain name for your website such as

  • Get a Tax Identification Number 

The revenue requires all businesses to have a tax number to file their taxes. Simply apply online your PPS number is required, along with basic information such as personal information, name, address, and details relating to your van insurance business.

  • Purchase Insurance 

New startup companies require insurance. There are many types of liability insurance including public, employers, and product liability. The particular insurance needed for running a van insurance company includes employer’s liability and professional indemnity insurance. Employers liability will protect you if you become legally liable to your employees for any injury, death, damages, expenses that may occur while they are working with you. Professional indemnity insurance is a cover that will protect any business that gives advice to customers. It will protect you if you are legally liable to a public member following an error or omission in the advice that you had provided.

  • Promote your Van Insurance Business

One of the best ways to promote your company is through a website. Offer as many policies options to customers as you can. Your business will be a success in no time.